About Us

Our Background

Set up by Mrs Anjili Hawoldar in 2016 to supply premium quality fresh fish and shellfish to the hotel and hospitality industry, the company has so far won the loyalty of some of the most prestigious hotels and establishments on the island. In spite of having a fairly small market share in this niche , the company has established an outstanding reputation for the supply of high quality salmon in this specific segment.

Spearheaded on a steady growth path, Oceandash fresh seafood, is now a member of Escoffier, but continues to be an independent owner-operated business which allows more flexibility in terms of a tailor- made customer service.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with supreme, top-notch products ( product range, quality, packaging) by keeping abridge with innovative and reliable suppliers who favor excellence and traceability. This is in line with our covenant to excellence, integrity and reliability.

Our vision is to be the ultimate distributor of premium quality salmon and fresh seafood at a competitive price in Mauritius while providing a personalized service to our valued customers.

We strive to maintain good working relations with our partners (suppliers and customers) to aim at achieving greater heights together.

Our Strategy

  • To maintain the successful professional working relationship built over the years with
    our current suppliers
  • To source more products in line with increasing our product offering in an aim to
    develop the business further
  • To grow the business by introducing processing and offering value add into the raw
    materials by converting them into ready to cook foods
  • To grow our customer database on the hotel and restaurant perspective

About the Owner

Anjili Hawoldar has owned and managed her own Indian restaurant, Salaam Bombay, for ten years (2003-2010) in the heart of the island , in Moka.

Being at the head of the restaurant, Anjili has been pushed to perfect her managements skills and enhance her leadership skills. Through the constant interaction with her staff and the customers has enabled her to strengthen her people’s skills but to give her a clear insight on market trends as well.

As the current brand ambassador of DECAYEUX , a high end golf accessories line, she is brought to interact with a network of HNWI in the hospitality industry hence working in synergy with Oceandash Fresh Seafood Ltd’s vision to embrace high net worth customers.


In 2018, Anjili was renowned as an African Woman Leader by CMO Asia.

Proud member of Disciples Escoffier as from November 2019.


Aquaculture is a way to look to the future.

World population is growing with each day, and this form of gathering produce has the potential to make a mark with its unique low carbon footprint.

Salmon can play a big part in a healthy diet, with its high-quality protein and is also a perfect source of essential vitamins and minerals such as omega-3.

Our products are farmed under strict regulations and have received “Best Aquaculture Practices” certification, meets the standards set by the “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” and are classified a Responsible Choice.


Best products on the island

It's amazing using the Fresh Salmon from Oceandash. Good quality product inspired us to do our best to make new recipes. It is a real pleasure to work with Oceandash as we receive fresh salmon every week.
Keep it up Anju!

Le Courtyard Restaurant

Chef Vasoo

Best on the Island!

I can vouch for that, having tasted it so many times already. It’s really the best on the island!

Regular Customer

Rima Ramsaran

Superb quality product!

Superb quality! I really enjoyed it and I will definitely buy again!

Regular Customer

Mokshda Pertaub

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16, Avenue des Faucons, Morcellement Sodnac, Quatre-Bornes

(230) 427 26 03 or (230) 52 56 69 09