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Competence • Courtesy • Credibility

Competence by capitalizing on Quality, Freshness and Value for money. We strive to source quality products
and maintain its freshness throughout the delivery chain

Courtesy in our approach in meeting the needs of our customers, providing assistance, ordering ease and
securing prompt delivery.

Credibility – We have full traceability on our products.

Reliability and consistency and ‘the fresh only’ approach in the foundation upon which our company was built and continues to expand on.

Our Products are certified Globally



Ranging from local and international products, our fresh line also includes live seafood ready to be transformed into a mouth-watering delicacy.

Available Products Include:
• Salmon
• Infused Salmon
• Yellow Fin Tuna
• Hebridean Mussels
• Lobsters
• Local Fish
• and more

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Our frozen products are stored at an optimal temperature ensuring that they get to you in the best condition possible.

Available Products Include:
• Fish Fillet
• Prawns
• Octopus
• Squid
• and more

For more information on our selection of products please get in touch with us directly.


We have prepacked treats for you to take home and throw on that grill or in that oven, our deli range is ready to cook.

Available Products Include:
• Fish burgers
• Salmon burgers
• Skewers
• Fish Kebabs

Benefits of Salmon


High Quality


Keeps your
Heart Healthy


High in


Rich in B-Complex


Best products on the island

It's amazing using the Fresh Salmon from Oceandash. Good quality product inspired us to do our best to make new recipes. It is a real pleasure to work with Oceandash as we receive fresh salmon every week.
Keep it up Anju!

Le Courtyard Restaurant

Chef Vasoo

Best on the Island!

I can vouch for that, having tasted it so many times already. It’s really the best on the island!

Regular Customer

Rima Ramsaran

Superb quality product!

Superb quality! I really enjoyed it and I will definitely buy again!

Regular Customer

Mokshda Pertaub

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